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Fertilitet och Graviditet

Sterility foods are causing problems.  System picks up and reads these foods.  These are anti-fertility foods creating a large part of problem and elevated PCOS and PID and endometriosis.  These foods cause sterilization.


Reproductive system can tell if we are struggling and will go on low battery; protection mechanism.  Some are very sensitive-hair trigger.  If a thyroid issue or liver or adrenal issue, these can hinder.


Problem foods:

  1. Corn and corn byproducts, including popcorn. It’s not the same food it was.  All GMO foods are anti-fertility.  Corn feeds bacteria that cause PID.  Most PID is caused by strep.  Chronic UTIs can also be from strep.  Over 50 different mutated forms of strep, not just A and B type.  Can cause kidney and UTI bleeding.  Can cause spastic bladder.   It can inflame fallopian tubes.  We don’t have any non-GMO corn anymore.  It is all contaminated via the wind.  Can also cause problems for those with cysts.
  2. Canola oil is tricky. It is a sinister oil.  It does a lot more than cause sterility; creates inflammation in every organ, wears down intestinal tract, feeds endometriosis which is bacterial.  Body walls off this bacteria to protect us.  Also suppresses the reproductive system putting it into low battery.  This is in health food store everywhere.  It’s in hummus; don’t want that one with canola.  That little bit of canola oil is that dangerous.   Also feeds cysts.
  3. Dairy products. Why if not lactose intolerant?  Why if grass-fed and free range?  Some can’t stick by the grass-fed and free range, even mistakes can slip in.  Hard to gauge.  If you are worried about cysts like PCOS, they feed off hormones in dairy products.  Even free range, grass-fed.  Over 90 naturally occurring hormones.  Dairy hormones also confuse sensitive reproductive systems, like smacking your system with a stick.
  4. Same cystic issues.  Not a good food when dealing with infertility.  Lots of hormones that feed cysts.  Even free range, organic, etc.
  5. Pork is trouble for fertility. Reproductive system thrives off of glucose.  Not high fat.  Thickens the blood for at least 6-8 hours and starves the reproductive system of oxygen.  Minimize this, you don’t all have to be perfect.  When oxygen is starved from this system, you get a low battery.  Fat pulls glucose away from the reproductive system.  Not in any book?  Not in any book that 200 million Americans are sick.  Producing a baby is like producing a fruit or a flower.  So feed them the right nutrients, like glucose.
  6. Farm raised fish is fed make-believe food with an evil nature. Antibiotics are thrown into these ponds.
  7. Natural flavors are MSG. We know artificial flavors are bad, that is old new.  This is sinister like canola and will throw you on low reproductive battery.
  8. Soy products. Organic sprouted soy is a little better, which could still be GMO.
  9. Aluminum cans, foil, etc.
  10. Plastics because of BPA.


Needed foods:

  1. Breast milk is made mostly of sugar water.  It is the dominant thing.  Protein is 1-2%.  Training body to build breast milk requires fruit.  Need the balance of having some fruit.
  2. Can be dried and soaked in water.  Fuel reproductive system to get out of low battery.
  3. Calms everything down, including inflammation.  Has an anti-tumor and anti-cystic value.  Have to eat it every day.
  4. Wild blueberries highest antioxidants which stop infections.
  5. Pomegranates
  6. Raw honey is a medicine across the board. Not tablespoons and more every day, but use some everyday.
  7. Leafy greens have anti-tumor and anti-cystic.
  8. Yams and sweet potatoes get rid of bad estrogens that come from bad foods and plastic.
  9. Organic peas. Others can be GMO.
  10. Lentils and chickpeas.
  11. Sunflower seeds.
  12. Increase fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.



  1. Hawaiian spirulina-hundreds of stories of this helping conceive at age 45 or 46.
  2. B-complex.
  3. Red raspberry leaf tea turns the light on and re-trains reproductive system. Especially if you have been on birth control for years.  Tells body to produce breast milk.
  4. Nettle leaf is an ultimate powerhouse for conception. Big baby maker.  Tea or capsules.  Reduces inflammation and rewires reproductive system.  Helps body make breast milk
  5. Red clover binds onto a lot of hormones that should not be in liver and body and pulls them out.
  6. Vitex berry-restores uterus.
  7. Zinc for endocrine and infections in reproductive system.
  8. Selenium
  9. Ester C-more bioavailable. Important for PCOS.  Shuts down cysts from growing if you are religious with it.
  10. Nascent iodine
  11. 5-MTHF is important for baby making.
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